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MON-FRI 8:00AM-4:00PM

Welcome to K & K Waste Disposal, LLC


In the event our area receives snow and or ice K & K Waste Disposal will not run. This is a rare occurrence. By snow we mean several inches to where it is hazardous to be on the roads. Due to the fact that we do not control the weather we do not offer a credit for your missed service day. However we will pick up your additional trash the following week on your normal service day (weather permitting).


On average of once a month.....we will pick up 3 extra 33 gallon bags of household trash (outside the can) along with 2-3 boxes that are too large for the cart. All we ask is that you break down the boxes and place them next to the cart. NO LOOSE TRASH

On Christmas and Thanksgiving we know that our customers will have additional trash. This is acceptable and we will pick it up. We do not pick up Christmas trees!

We will not pick up construction debris, appliances, furniture, dead animals, chemicals, tires, car parts, paint or yard debris. If in the event you have some yard debris you must call the office to verify if it is something we will be able to pick up on the normal route. Some of these items can be picked up as a special pick up, for an additional fee, but it has to be schedule through the office first.